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Why Prepare For Case Interviews?

15 000
Candidates apply every year to MBB and second tier consulting companies all over the world
2 years
Is the maximum 'freeze' period which you receive if you fail to pass the screening process
Of applicants receive offers after successfully passing the interview stage
3 mentors
Will help you maximize your chances by giving you honest, efficient and professional feedback
What are individual case interview sessions?
Online Interviews
With former BIG3 consultants and currently professional case interview coaches via online conference rooms
1,5 hour sessions
90 minutes of 1-on-1 preparation with a coach who trains you for a specific consulting interview
The mentor will guide you and give personalised advice, individual feedback and consultation on further steps
Why Fless Mentors?
Work Experience
All of our mentors have worked in consulting, including MBB companies. All of our mentors have a record of students who have successfully passed interviews
Evaluation Of Chances
90% accuracy in estimating your chances of passing the interview. You will know in advance if you are ready or not and whether you should postpone. Evaluation of weak points and advice on how to improve
No commission
You pay mentors directly and, hence, get the cheapest price on the web
(in Russian)
Individual mentor sessions are for students with advanced level of case interview prep,
who have:
Passed screening and are expecting to be invited for an interview within 2 to 4 weeks
Solved ±20 cases and gave just as many to partners
Require fit interview practice
Steps To Advanced Level Of Case Interview Prep
Step 1. Read one of these case interview theory books:
- Victor Cheng - Case Interview Secret
- David Orvhal - Crack the case
- Marc Cosentino - Case in Point
- Vault Guide to Case Interview
- Ace the Case

Step 2. Listen to 5-10 audio/video recordings of interviews (Youtube or LOMS)

Step 3. Solve 5 warm-up cases with a friend/classmate. Example cases can be found in the theory books above

Note. We do not provide any of the above material. Everything can be easily found on the internet.
Step 1. Take the Business Case Structuring course and learn to structure your ideas and argumentation

Step 2. Solve as many cases as you can, until you feel confident you are ready for an interview. Where to find partners?
- Structuring course classmates
- Preplounge
- Student case clubs (even if you are already a graduate, students will be happy to practice with experienced hires)
Learn about the Structuring Course
Step 1. Take the Business Judgement course and learn about 12 different industries and how to do industry research. Get mentorship from an ex-McKinsey consultant on case interviews.

Step 2. Think through your FIT interview answers and write them down. Carry out 3 to 5 interview sessions with a professional case interview mentor to finalise your interview preparations

Learn about the Business Judgement course
Fless mentors
Background: Founder of the Costa Case Club, instructor of the Business Case Structuring Course at Fless
Coaching Experience: Over 500 cases
Languages: Russian
Time zone: Moscow, Russia, GMT+3
Preferred schedule: Upon request
Service: case interview prep
Price: $150 for 1,5 hours
Package option: $550 for 5 lessons
Background: Worked at McKinsey and HSBC in Kazakhstan, UniCredit in Italy. Currently instructor at business schools in Almaty and Fless Business Judgement course mentor
Service: case and FIT interview prep, CV and CL consultation
Coaching Experience: Over 500 cases
Languages: Russian or English
Time zone: Almaty, Kazakhstan, GMT+5
Preferred schedule: Upon request
Price: starting $150 for 1,5 hours
Package option: $150 for two CV&CL sessions (45 mins), 550$ for 5 interviews
Which mentor is better?
All coaches have vast experience
Can I take individual sessions without passing the Structuring Course?
Yes, in this case you will need from 10 to 15 individual sessions. If you reach advanced level first, from 3 to 5 individual sessions will suffice, which will save you money
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