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management consulting
Want to get an offer from McKinsey, BCG, Bain, other consulting companies?
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Step-by-step guide to your online prep
for management consulting assessments & interviews
with Fless
✓ Learn the essentials of management consulting, including the steps of the selection process, prep advice & lifehacks, the differences among
consulting companies, and career opportunities
✓ Draft a personal detailed roadmap from zero
to your consulting offer
✓ Prepare for McKinsey Digital Assessment (Imbellus), BCG and Bain GMAT-like tests, Oliver Wyman, Kearney, and other tests
✓ Complete 500+ interactive exercises
✓ Develop a consultant's mindset through detailed explanations and video solutions
24/7 support and guidance by the course creator and fellow students
✓ Develop the basic consulting skill.
You will start structuring everything - and everywhere. Your life will change forever ;)
✓ Solve 15 cases with partners
✓ The instructor will give you feedack
and answer all your questions
✓ Our oldest and most recommended course taken even by professionals with no intent to become consultants
✓ Prepare for live interviews as well as BCG Casey chatbot interview
✓ Solve 25 up-to-date interactive cases from the actual interviews, including advanced difficulty, operational and non-conventional cases.
✓ Learn from ~7 hours of video solutions by a strong candidate with detailed instructor feedback
✓ Well-researched, professionally structured syllabus with all essential tools, frameworks and industry knowledge
✓ Discover the McKinsey approach to problem-solving and learn to apply proper consultant-style business judgement in final-round cases
✓ Drill down 8 industries in structured reviews prepared by MBB consultants
✓ Solve 8 industry-specific cases with advanced questions on structure, maths, data analysis, brainstorm, and synthesis
✓ Receive detailed feedback on 26 parameters for each case (mentor-led version only)
✓ Target your individual development areas with an experienced mentor in one-on-one sessions
✓ Prepare your company fit, CV, cover letter, and personal stories for interviews
✓ Solve uniquely challenging cases with feedback, immediate extra practice, and subtle hints for true case enlightenment
✓ Get your final check-up and last-minute advice before the real interview
Overview of courses by Fless
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Our Alumni
In 2016 Victor Rogulenko, an ex-McKinsey consultant with the European Private Equity practice dropeed out of Stanford MBA and started his quest for efficient education. This is how Fless was born

The mission of Fless is to help professionals acquire new job skills quickly. We are currently engaged in management consulting prep only. Our next step will be to conquer the world expand into other managerial professions (stay tuned!)

Our North Star is Disney. We are looking for ways to teach complex subjects in a fun and engaging way. We've constantly implementing our discoveries in our courses and our own interactive learning management system.

By the way, we are the creators of the #WillYouHireMe, #Нанято, Maths Fort Boyard and other career shows. Check out our English and Russian YouTube channels.

5 years'
experience teaching professional skills. We have created our own interactive Learning Management System (LMS) as well as over 20 versions of different courses. We are constantly experimenting with formats, keeping what works and quickly discarding what does not.
15 countries
We have taught students from Australia, Brazil, Germany, USA, Congo, Indonesia, and many more. We welcome students and teachers from all over the world.
100+ offers
Our alumni have received offers from companies such as McKinsey, Bain, Sberbank CIB, BCG, IBM, and invitations from top US universities such as Stanford and Harvard.
1K+ alumni
have graduated from Fless, with 72% of them coming back to develop other skills with us. Our private alumni group with ~700 members provides exclusive job opportunities worldwide, professional networking, and latest insights into management consulting.
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