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boost your test results with a 2 in 1 course
We have combined the best of two tests. Whichever one you choose, you will be fully prepared
Why Prepare?
A native speaker will explain, correct and suggest methods of improvement
Why Fless?
We offer human interaction online and individual feedback by a professional native-speaking instructor


Who accepts it?
MBA programs and business schools

Why should I take it?
To show business schools you are serious about getting an MBA degree

4 Sections
Analytical writing, integrated reasoning, quantitative and verbal

What else do you need to know?
Investment banks, consulting companies and many recruiters ask for your GMAT score when recruiting
Who accepts it?
Graduate and master's programs, 700+ MBA programs

Why should I take it?
If you plan to apply to both graduate and MBA programs

3 sections
Analytical writing, quantitative reasoning and verbal reasoning

What else do you need to know?
The verbal part is considered harder than in GMAT, although the grading system is more loyal
Advantages of the course
GMAT and GRE combined
We want to give our students maximum value. We've combined two tests in one to make sure you are fully prepared for any verbal task
Lessons in groups
Lessons in groups are more effective than individual ones. Students listen to each others questions, inspire and push each other to try harder and share experiences, while practicing their speaking skills
Motivation framework
We make sure students participate and get maximum value from our course. You will have to put in a lot of effort, but the result will be worth it
Individual approach
Lessons are held in groups, but feedback is provided individually based on individual tests and tasks. The mentor will give personalised advice and extra homework in accordance with your needs
Fless students and networking
The average Fless student is a bachelor of a top university or an experienced hire at an international company. After graduating from the course you will be invited to the Fless alumni club, where you will find a lot of inspiring like-minded people

What will you get from the course?

Dedicated online study group of 6-8 students and regular interactive video sessions with instructor will help you stay on track in your prep
There are certain hacks in all question types which will help you boost your score. You'll learn and practice them extensively
Lots of material for homework and in-class discussions. We have collected the best problems from major GMAT/GRE sources, no need to buy any other material
Personalised feedback based on performance. Motivation framework to keep you engaged and committed
Alumni feedback
Discover the course structure

Philip O'Hanlon
Instructor and Mentor
Professional GMAT and GRE Verbal instructor and course creator with 15 years' experience. Previously worked at UK Ministry of Defence as an English language specialist and taught philosophy at Queen's University, Belfast. PhD in Social Science from Queen's University, Belfast

Сourse schedule
Group #8
June 2019 (dates upon request)
Course price
$ 310 / Eur 270
For 12 lessons 2 hours each
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The Verbal course not only helps prepare for GMAT and GRE, but helps significantly improve your results on consulting tests, which originate from GMAT type questions. Many of our students simultaneously prepare for MBA and a consulting career. If you are one of them, this course is certainly for you. Also look in to the math prep course, it will boost your mental math like none other!
How can I pay for the course?
We currently offer two options: direct payment by bank details or PayPal. Payment by credit card should be available by summer 2019.
What if I have financial difficulties?
We offer payment by instalments: 50% to secure a spot in a group, remaining 50% before the first lesson starts. Other terms and dates are discussible.
Do you offer discounts?
All Fless alumni get a 10% discount for the second and all further courses.
You can also get an additional 5% discount for suggesting our course to a friend. For more information, please contact us at
Unfortunately, we do not have special discounts for students.
Is my command of English enough to take the course?
This is not a course in English language. It's a test prep course. You need to be fluent in English already. If not sure, apply and we'll see
Do you ever enroll more than 10 people in a course?
No, rather expect 6-8 people
What does an online class look like?
Watch this video of an online PST session
Can I skip classes?
Preferably not, but a video recording of each lesson will be accessible to each student on Youtube. Unlike webinars, you actively have to participate in class. You will present and defend your solutions. So if you miss class, value of the class decreases
Where do you get your materials from?
We have developed our own materials based on major GMAT and GRE prep books and online resources
Where will materials be?
All materials will be accessible in online data rooms. We will not use printable material for this course