Investment Banking
Interview Prep

Course language: English or Russian
Master the skills needed to become an investment banker. Learn to sell your skills to the interviewer and get the finance job you wish for.
New York, London, Moscow, Shanghai - learn internationally relevant skills from anywhere
1 month
4 lessons, 8 hours of class and more than 24 hours of homework
Real cases from interviews
The material was developed by the instructor based on his work and interview experience at Buldge Bracket banks
The instructor will provide individual feedback and consultation
Why IB?
Investment banking is one of the highest paid industries with the best exit opportunities and steep learning curve. Here you will get the skills of a CFO or finance exec. However, competition is tough and the industry is hard to get into.
Why Interview Prep?
Competition is intense. Only exceptional preparation wins. Extensive practice in a tiny group led by an ex-Goldman Sachs banker will get you there.
Why Fless?
We make learning engaging and data-driven. We'll help you stay organised and committed throughout your prep. You will know your strengths, weaknesses and next steps - all based on your performance data.
What if I don't want to work in IB?
This course provides a corporate finance toolkit for those who need a helicopter view on finance. Apart from Investment Banking, skills you obtain in this course are applicable in commercial banks, finance departments of corporations, audit firms, private equity funds, VC funds, hedge funds, etc.
The course will prepare you
for the following aspects of an IB interview:
Accounting questions
Enterprise and equity value
Valuation multiples
DCF modelling
M&A basics
Investment pitch
Industry analysis
Brainteasers & random interview questions
you will develop throughout the course

The failed technical part of an interview is in most cases the reason for refusal. As of today, BIWS alone does not cover sufficient range of technical issues to get into IBD

Knowledge of both private and public companies in a certain industry will be required. Ability to provide comments on drivers, main players, structure of the market etc. will be expected from the candidate

This skill generalises the ability to give an investment pitch and present well-structured argumentation when answering any type of question

Interviewing is a skill which takes time and practice to develop. You need to acquire confidence and learn to be flexible
This course is for:

✓ College and grad school seniors
(3rd/4th years of BSc, MSc and MBA) majoring in finance, economics, math or science related degrees

✓ Those who have passed screening
in an investment bank and need interview practice

✓ Aspiring financial analysts

✓ Non-finance experienced hires or executives lacking general skills or understanding of finance

In-house material developed by the instructor based on his interview and work experience
Presentation, interview, industry expertise - skills other than technical, required at an interview
Interview Prep
Ability to test yourself and find weak/blind spots in your knowledge
Human interaction,
personalised feedback and individual approach
Share experience and practice offline with likeminded people
The course can be taught in English or Russian
Sergey Pestov
Instructor and Mentor
Worked at Goldman Sachs, VTB Capital and EY in M&A and PE Structuring, Deal Advisory and FICC departments. Completed projects in Moscow, London, and New York. Now working full-time on a tech startup and preparing candidates for investment banking in spare time
Discover the course structure

Class #1
Accounting for IB interview

Duration: 2 hours
Theory: Advanced changes in complex line items. Single-step & Multi-step scenarios and classification criteria.
Practice: Test #1. Calculation set #1. Set of open-ended questions. Discussion of efficient solutions.
Test #2. Calculation set #2. Set of open-ended questions. Discussion of efficient solutions.

Class #2
Enterprise value & equity value

Duration: 2 hours
Theory: Fundamental links and advanced formula components. Impact of various business events. Dilution Analysis.
Practice: Practice case. Test #3. Calculation set #3.

Class #3
Valuation methodologies

Duration: 2 hours
Theory: Relative Value Analysis. Interpreting the multiples. Industry-specific metrics.
8+ valuation methodologies. Approaches and Real-World examples.
Practice: Real world cases.
Calculation Practice Exercises.
Test #4. Calculation set #4. Set of open-ended questions. Discussion of efficient solutions.
Test #5. Calculation set #5. Set of open-ended questions. Discussion of efficient solutions.

Class #4
DCF modeling

Duration: 2 hours
Theory: Free Cash Flows. Growth Drivers. Real life implications. Discount Rates. Closer look at WACC.
Practice: DCF Calculation Case Study. Test #6.

> Advanced level of English

> Dedicate at least 12 hours for 4 weeks in a row to the course

> Focus on building a skillset. Be ready to practice and participate in class

> Make sure you have the motivation and grit to carry out your studies well

> Review prerequisite materials before the first class


July 7th – July 28th
7.07, Saturday
14.07, Saturday
21.07, Saturday
28.07, Saturday
11:00 - 14:00 (GMT+3) / 8:00 - 11:00 (GMT)
11:00 - 14:00 (GMT+3) / 8:00 - 11:00 (GMT)
11:00 - 14:00 (GMT+3) / 8:00 - 11:00 (GMT)
11:00 - 14:00 (GMT+3) / 8:00 - 11:00 (GMT)
> Exhaustive theory and practice materials to pass the interview and start working in IB
> Mentorship from an ex-Goldman Sachs banker
> Individual feedback on your technical skills and industry expertise
> Interview and presentation practice
> Interaction with the instructor and classmates
RUR 10990

We will send payment instructions once we receive your application. International payment is effected through PayPal. Russian and CIS citizens can pay via payment link.
Who is this course for?
- Students or graduates (BsC, MsC and MBA) in finance, economics, math or other science related degrees, who wish to build a career in finance, primarily Investment Banking
- Those who passed screening and need interview practice
- Aspiring financial analysts
- Experienced hires from other sectors or executives lacking general finance knowledge and skills
Where else can I apply the knowledge I get in this course?
BIG4 or similar company with valuation and analytical departments, financial departments of any commercial company (controlling, treasury, commercial departments etc), commercial banks, startups etc. The course will provide general preparation for any type of financial interview, but do make sure to research specific demands towards candidates of your company or industry of choice.
What material is the course based on?
~100 pages of theory notes, synthesizing knowledge from all major prep materials including BIWS and AMT. Everything you need to know, in the shortest format possible, to help you focus and save time. Material will be available in online data rooms.
What do you do in class?
Discuss homework, pitch and practice answering interview questions
How much homework will we have?
8 hours of homework per week
Can experienced professionals attend the course?
Experienced professionals are welcome to participate in this course, but are advised to assess their chances of passing screening with investment banks first. Typically, investment banks hire college and MBA students, but reject experienced professionals (except for consultants, M&A lawyers, and PE/VC investment analysts).
Do you have discounts?
Yes, all Fless alumni get a 10% discount
How many students in a group?
6-8, not more
What happens if I miss class?
All classes are recorded. But unlike webinars, you actively have to participate in class. You will present and defend your solutions, like in a real interview. So if you miss class, value of the class decreases
Should I attend the course if I have read BIWS materials?
Yes, the course will complement your knowledge of BIWS. It will provide you with extensive practice and feedback on your strong and weak spots
Should I read BIWS before this course?
You may, but you don't have to. We will provide you with all the theory you need
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