Problem-Solving Tests Course
Prepare for consulting tests with Fless

Course language: English or Russian
Problem-Solving Test Course
Prepare for consulting tests with Fless

Why prepare for McKinsey PST and other consulting tests?

Tried getting 20+ points in 60 minutes. Not easy? Effective learning requires mentorship and structured practice, evaluation of personal results and concentration on individual weak points.
Time constraint, task overload, stress, distractions during the test - all of these need practice. Simply solving tests by quantity is not a guarantee of success. You need to learn to think like a consultant.
70% success rate on tests of our alumni vs 30% McK statistics. Invest in your success, learn from ex BIG3 consultants tricks on how to get the offer of your dreams.
NB: Failing at any stage of the selection process can 'freeze' your application to the firm for up to 2 years

What you will get from this course?

Class discussions
Dedicated online study group of 10-12 students and regular interactive video sessions with instructor will help you stay on track in your prep
There are certain hacks in all question types which will help you boost your score. You'll learn and practice them extensively
7 practice tests in class.
400+ questions for home assignments.
Personalised materials for further study after the course
Personalised progress reports every week with analysis of your strong/weak areas with advice on further steps
Advantages of the course
Practice PST in a timed environment
Stress and time constraints are the major obstacles in passing PST. Learn how to deal with them successfully. 7 out of 15 lessons of the course will be dedicated to real-time practice solving cases under time pressure. The course will prepare you to think fast, find shortcuts, and see hidden traps
In-Person Experience, Delivered Online
Our online classes are interactive and dedicated to discussing homework and tests, sharing knowhow, and getting instructor's feedback on how to improve your solving efficiency. You will be challenged to participate
75 Hours
15 online classes totalling at 25 hours of discussions & practice and twice as much for homework. The course is super intense and we strongly suggest dedicating 7 weeks to studies. But the result will be worth it
~400 Questions
Practice PST questions in 42 tests (7 will be held in class). All materials are shared through a professional grade virtual data room - one of those used by PE funds in their deals. No printable materials will be used for this course
75% success rate
3 out of 4 alumni who take PST after this course pass the PST. For comparison, only an estimated 30% of all McKinsey candidates pass it
Personalised perfomance-based feedback
Your performance is tracked vs current and past successful students and scrutinized by each question type. Improvement advice and extra materials available to match your unique needs. Analytics during the course will show you your strengths and weaknesses, while practice tests will prepare and train you for the real thing
Victor Rogulenko
Instructor and Mentor
Developed the course based on his own consulting experience as well as experiences of dozens of students preparing for PST.

Passionate about learning and teaching, left McKinsey after 3 years at the Firm and dropped out of Stanford GSB to found Fless. Read this story to learn more.
Alumni feedback
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Сourse schedule
Group #41
October 25 - December 8
In English
Course price
USD 540$
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Тhe PST test is based on two major skills: mental math and English proficiency. If one of the two aspects is weak, it is difficult to pass the test in 60 minutes and get the required score to pass. If you feel one of these aspects is weak, we suggest you pass one of the courses below before attempting at PST
How can I pay for the course?
We currently offer two options: direct payment by bank details or PayPal
Access to material
Access to course material can be provided at any moment and will be available for 3 months. If you want to pass the course at your own pace, that is absolutely fine. You will still be affiliated to a specific group and countdown of your access will start on the day group classes start. Check out the schedule to see the closest dates.
What if I have financial difficulties?
We offer payment by instalments: 50% to secure a spot in a group, remaining 50% before the beginning of classes. To receive access to materials immediately, the course should be paid in full.
Do you offer discounts?
All Fless alumni get a 10% discount for the second and all further courses.
You can also get an additional 5% discount for suggesting our course to a friend. Your friend gets 5% too.
Unfortunately, we do not have special discounts for students.

You can also pass a course for the second time for a 50% discount.
What to do if the schedule doesn't suit?
If your test is scheduled before the course ends.
No problem, you can accelerate your prep, we will grant access to materials and provide video recordings of previous groups. Do note, that simply listening to video recordings is less effective than participating in class discussions, so it would be great if you could participate in at least some part of the course.

If the time or day in the schedule don't suit.
It is important to attend live discussions on Sundays, but the time on Saturday is flexible. If Sundays are still hard to attend, we can grant access to videos of previous groups for the same price.

If the course starts in a month, but you want to start practice now.
Sure, we can open access to materials early. Once classroom discussions start, you will have done a lot of homework and tests and would have a lot of insights to share with your colleagues.
What are the IT requirements for this course?
- A PC / Mac
- Headphones with a microphone and a webcam (for the introductory lesson)
- A good enough* internet connection

*good enough = allowing you to send and receive at least 360p video

We use 3 professional platforms for our classes:
- GoToMeeting for conference calls (can be downloaded for free in advance)
- Telegram for outside-of-class discussions with group and homework turn in
- Lightserve as an online library for materials to which you will have access after you finish the course
Should I take the course if I plan to go to BCG/Bain/OW or other consultancies?
Yes. The techniques covered in this course will help you ace other consulting tests. They are generally easier than PST (except for Oliver Wyman Test which will require more prep time). Read more in this article on consulting tests
Is this course for university students or for experienced professionals? Who is the typical student?
While there is no reason why a university student would not succeed in this course (and they often do!), most students in this course are experienced professionals. A typical student is a graduate with a major in economics, finance, or a math-related subject and 2-5 years of experience in audit, FMCG, banking, venture capital, or consulting. Exceptions (university students with no experience, unusual work experience, university major not related to math or economics) do occur about 17% of the time.
Where do you get your in-class tests from?
We have developed our own unique 26 question tests based on real McKinsey projects across 10 countries and 15 industries. Each test question is inspired by a certain challenging question from PST A 2012, PST A 2013, PST B, and PST C. As a result, Fless tests are more difficult than real PSTs, which is exactly what you need for a thorough preparation.
What homework do you assign?
90% of homework are free mock PSTs and GMAT exercises from various sources. Rest is a bit of practice on computation, chart reading, and critical reasoning. Extra materials available to students completing 100% of homework assignments. The materials and tests developed by Fless are part of in-class assignments. You will need at least 4 hours for homework a week.
What does your progress report look like?
Above is an example of a progress report we share with our students each week. Every row tracks student's progress for a specific question type and compares it to previous students who have taken the PST and successfully passed it. As of March 2019, we have taught over 300 students.
Can I buy your tests?
No, unfortunately. Our tests are confidential, and we do not sell them or share them in any way. Our courses are targeted at instruction and mentorship, as well as preparation in a group of likeminded candidates for extra inspiration and motivation. If you only want to practice solving tests on your own, please visit websites of ConsultingGuru, MConsultingPrep, IGotAnOffer, Victor Cheng and others, who have tests available for purchase online.
How many students will there be in one group?
Up to 12
What is your success rate?
70% of our students who received approval from the instructor have passed the real test. McKinsey's PST passing rate is about 25%. Before passing the course you might want to improve your Math or English skills with out Consulting math and Verbal GMAT/GRE courses.