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Business judgement is the ability to make considered business decisions
Outstanding business decisions require rigorous analysis based on data. However, in real life critical data are often missing. In such cases, good business judgement supplements the data.
Business judgement is the ability to make sound decisions and build hypotheses under uncertainty. It comes from all sorts of business and life experience: business projects, studies, books, relationships, travel, community involvement, etc. Unfortunately, developing proper business judgement takes years, but the process can be accelerated through proper training.
Business judgement is crucial for decision-makers and business leaders
Do you need business judgement? If you are or planning to become a business decision-maker, then the answer is yes.

In particular, if you are a:

Business professional
working with partners, clients and suppliers from multiple industries
Management consultant
or a management consultant candidate
testing your ideas in different markets
Discover the course program
Intense simulation of management consulting projects
Acquire the fundamentals of business judgement in a fast-paced course similar to McKinsey, BCG, and Bain internal trainings?

Challenge accepted!

The winning formula is as follows:
Learn the fundamentals of the consulting approach to problem-solving: problem definition, structuring, prioritization, planning, analysis, synthesis, and recommendations.
Get acquainted with the major insights of an industry: value chain, business models, cost structures and margins, recent trends, etc.
Apply the acquired knowledge to tackle a business case in a series of complex open-ended questions.
Record your answers on camera and submit to the instructor.
Get detailed quantitative and qualitative feedbackon your performance.
Repeat steps 2-5 for 7 more industries.
You will study 8 major industries in the following progression:
1. Basic materials
2. Energy
3. Utilities
4. Real estate
5. Telecommunications
6. Healthcare
7. Financials
8. Technologies
You will absorb super-distilled industry overviews and practice cases prepared by an ex-big 3 team
Why will this formula work for you?
Course methodology
The industry overviews and cases are developed by Victor Rogulenko, an experienced consulting coach with 500+ coaching sessions and the author of 6 consulting courses.
Industry expertise
10 analysts, managers, and principals from McKinsey, BCG, Bain, PIP, and other companies contributed to the production of the course. They designed materials in the same way they would coach a junior colleague.
Case interview practice
The questions closely resemble an interviewer-led management consulting case interview. The draw on the essentials of business problems while preserving breadth of experience.
Delivering solutions
You will practice analyzing problems as well as delivering your insights verbally – the essential skill for case interviews.
Victor Rogulenko
Course developer
Developed the course materials together with 10 other hands-on consultants, analysts and bankers.

A professional case interview coach Eugene will provide written feedback on case solutions.
Your learning will be driven by a live mentor
You will get personalized written feedback from an ex-consultant who placed a dozen of their students into the big-3 firms.
Feedback on each case includes 26 critical data points similar to those evaluated in real case interviews.
Your results will be compared to other participants, and their change will be tracked over time.
Study at your convenience
The course is fully online – you can take it from anywhere in the world
There are no classes you might fear missing – manage your time as you like
There are tough deadlines though, so don't expect an easy ride
Community of business leaders
You will join a dedicated Telegram group and study alongside other smart and ambitious business people. No more problems with looking for a strong case partner or getting a helping hand in your studies.
Course price
RUB 40 000
+ 8 super-synthesized industry overviews by a team of big-3 consultants
+ 8 challenging interviewer-led cases
+ 200+ data points of quantitative and qualitative feedback
+ evaluation of hard skills (problem-solving) and soft skills (presentation)
+ motivational support through mentorship and deadlines
+ learning community
+ course certificate

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Important to know before applying for the course
The price of the course includes 3 months access to materials and 8 homework corrections. An additional 1 month of access is subject to payment of additional 20$, while 1 extra/beyond deadline homework correction - 60$.

All feedback is provided over the weekend, so in order to recieve feedback by Monday, all homework should be submitted by Saturday 16.00 (GMT+3). Access to materials of the next lesson (i.e. industry) will be provided once homework is given in, regardless of the timing of the feedback.
Structuring vs Business Judgement?
Structuring course lays the right foundation of all your case interview practice. Business Judgement course is a follow-up dedicated to advanced topics in management consulting and industry overview. Business Judgement is not so much about passing an interview, as it is about developing business acumen.
How can I pay for the course?
We currently offer two options: direct payment by bank details or PayPal.
Do you offer discounts?
All Fless alumni get a 10% discount for the second and all further courses.
You can also get an additional 5% discount for suggesting our course to a friend. For more information, please contact us at
Unfortunately, we do not have special discounts for students.
What is the language of instruction?
Is this course for university students or for experienced professionals? Who is the typical student?
While there is no reason why a university student would not succeed in this course (and they often do!), most students at Fless are experienced professionals. A typical student is a graduate with 2-5 years of work experience. Exceptions (university students with no experience, unusual work experience, university major not related to math or economics) do occur about 17% of the time.
What homework do you assign?
You will have to solve 1 case for each industry, providing a video recording of yourself solving the case with a written text, answering questions on the case