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CaseCopilot — The First Fully Interactive Case Interview Coaching System

CaseCopilot offers unique virtual case interview simulations and
60 hours of the most comprehensive reading and video content
to get 100% prepared in a week.
EXTRA: supplements prep for Online Cases
Unique virtual case interview simulations,
60 hours of the most comprehensive reading and video content
to get 100% prepared in a week.
Virtual case interview simulations,
60 hours of the most comprehensive reading and video content
to get 100% prepared in a week.

CaseCopilot 5S:

Simulation format: First fully interactive case interview coaching system with real-time feedback
Other prep options: Experienced interview partners are hard to find. Coaches are expensive, time-constrained, quality not guaranteed
Speed of learning: prep in a week with 60+ hours of high-quality self-study content and video guidance
Other prep options: preparation requires at least 60-70 practice cases with other candidates. Experienced won't practice with newbies
Single course for 100% prep: Well-researched, professionally structured syllabus with all essential tools, frameworks and industry knowledge
Other prep options: no structured prep plan for candidates with different levels of experience and diverse backgrounds
Scope: Up-to-date cases from the actual interviews, including advanced difficulty, operational and non-conventional cases.
Other prep options: providing only simple, widely circulated cases on the most common topics and generic frameworks no longer in use
Support 24/7: Recognized author - case interview coaching veteran, and a peer case prep community available to answer any questions
Other prep options: a lot of guesswork and uncertainties such as interviewer-led cases or the use of hypotheses, among other issues.

CaseCopilot Program

Case. Declining profits in Media.

Key Concepts. Approach to note-taking, 3 types of clarifying questions, Doing the recap, Taking a minute throughout the case, Presenting your structure, Math structure prioritization, 2 most common pitfalls in profitability cases, 7 steps to approaching calculations, 4 essential calculation skills (equations, calculation with zeros, multiplication of the double digits, division table), Drilling into the root cause, 5 steps to approach creativity questions, How to build business acumen.

Functional knowledge. Sales process.

CaseCopilot Author

Vladislav Baskakov

Failed MBB interviews in 2011 and joined Accenture
Practiced 150+ cases and joined McKinsey. Got offers from Bain and multiple Tier 2 firms
Finished Harvard Business School, currently Product Strategy Principal at Google
Mentored more than 100 candidates to successfully obtain MBB offers since 2015
Conducted 400+ sessions on Preplounge, became #1 Q&A contributor
Now I want you to land your dream job!

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A Fully Interactive Case Interview Coach to help you prepare on your own:
60+ hours of Interactive Case Interviews
Lifetime access to the CaseCopilot library of constantly updated full-length Interactive Case Interviews.
Detailed real-time feedback
Detailed real-time feedback on your responses within our virtual case interview simulations.

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200+ pages of structured content
It covers the full range of required theory, tools, communication tips, common pitfalls and industry knowledge.
A unique private chat
A unique private chat forum for CaseCopilot alumni with 24/7 tutor support, case partner search, career advice and more!
10+ hours of real case interview videos
More than 10 hours of real case interview videos with tips, feedback and personalized coaching.

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