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Consulting Toolkit: What's inside?

(1) Essential knowledge about business: value creation, industries, and functions
What are ROIC trees? The value chains of different industries? Dive deep into strategy, operations, and organizational principles typically found in introductory training sessions for newly hired consultants.
(2) Tools for business problem-solving, team management, and executive communication
Learn to build issue trees, structure financial and market models, create business presentations, engage with C-level executives, and establish trust-based relationships with teammates and clients.
(3) Career tactics from experienced consultants and partners
What behaviors and opportunities help new consultants grow into McKinsey, BCG or Bain partners? Get perspectives from honest, uncensored, and off the record discussions with industry veterans.
(4) Interactive problem sets with real-time feedback and explanation
Practice applying new ideas and tools immediately, discover common mistakes, get detailed guidance, and grow skills and confidence on the spot.
(5) Professional community of the course mentors and students
Got course-related questions or just seeking general career advice? Get help and support from competent professionals in the Fless community. Your contribution is highly appreciated, too.
Getting the most out of the course
Who will benefit most
from the Consulting Toolkit course?
Newly hired management consultants
who want to hit the ground running from day 1 and to minimize career mistakes in their first year at a firm.
Analysts at investment banks and private equity / venture capital firms
who want to exceed performance expectations.
Entrepreneurs and senior managers
in other industries who want to learn how consultants approach problem-solving and communication without the need to become a management consultant.
Data scientists, engineers
and other individual outside-in professionals and experts who want to gain business savvy to grow into managers and team leads.
Testimonials from course alumni
Consulting Toolkit goes far beyond the common business acumen needed to pass through consulting interviews. The course really gives you the tools needed to feel more confident in 'the first 90 days' of your consulting career and beyond: 1) the Value Creation class gives you a sense of principals you need to stick to in order to deliver real value to a client; 2) Functional and Industry Foundations will help you to choose the right projects that better suit your career path; 3) the rest of the classes will be useful not only for consultants, but for anyone aiming to succeed in his/her job.
I took this course in my first weeks at BCG and found it to be a meaningful addition to regular introductory training sessions. Some classes of Consulting Toolkit expanded on what we covered at BCG (e.g. written communication), while others were unique to Consulting Toolkit and extremely useful (e.g. managing clients and coworkers, managing yourself and your career).

The level of detail in this course is outstanding. The key messages in clear and visually appealing slides are supplemented with profound text explanations for each slide. The lists of recommended books for deep-dives at the end of each subtopic are super-useful.
New Economic School
This course covers hard and soft skills areas and gives valuable information on many important topics, such as Functional Foundations, Industry Knowledge, Managing Clients and Coworkers, and others. There is no fluff, no repetitions. The language of the course is clear and easy to understand. The best part is that all the facts and insights are coming from the ex-consultant personal experience, so it is not theory, but from practice! I am particularly grateful for the "bonus" given at the end of the course - a list of excellent books related to personal and professional life!

Thank you for the opportunity to attend the course!
Deloitte & LBS
Despite already having several years of consulting experience, I found the course to be helpful. It was a) extremely well-structured and thought through and b) allowed for both helicopter-view perspective and guided deep-dives. For me personally, the latter was specifically valuable, as Victor provides his personal recommendations on where every student can learn more about a specific topic beyond the course programme. All in all, an excellent overview of key consulting skills for both aspiring candidates and those looking into making a move within the industry!
Consulting Toolkit is intense yet comprehensive and practice-oriented. I found it extremely useful and now refer my friends to it. The course gave me several career hacks which I haven't thought of previously. I'm glad I discovered them now and not a few years later. On top of that, I enjoyed the deep-dives into subtopics of classes 5, 7, and 8, and the book recommendations were very handy.
Gazprom Neft
Great course with practical career materials. It develops business skills that really make sense - like problem-solving, people management, and self management. I learn to apply them on a daily basis even though I don't work in consulting, and the course definitely helps!
Consulting Toolkit Syllabus
Class 1. Value Creation
The principles of business value creation. Why strategies should be developed. Shareholder value & shareholder returns. Corporate governance. The ROIC tree and growth table. What matters most in companies by type (product, R&D, sales, marketing, etc.)
Class 2. Functional Foundations
What is a business function? Exploring marketing/sales/product-focused organizations. Deep dives into strategy, organization, and operations. Important strategy and organizational choices. What it's like to work in different functions.
Class 3. Industry Knowledge
Why industry knowledge is important. What does it mean to understand an industry? Exploring a framework with value chain, key levers of value creation, critical capabilities, recent trends, and other points. Similarities and differences among industries. Examples from Commodities and Banking.
Class 4. Being a Good Manager, Planning Projects
Impact of management on value. Rules of good general management: define vision, define processes, plan ahead, allocate responsibility, prioritize, talk through deliverables, communicate, and embrace ownership. Dealing with bad managers. Feedback. Structuring a project: issue trees.
Class 5. On Writing Well and Presentations
Good writing is clear thinking. Structure and the pyramid principle. One message - one slide. Types of slides. Action titles. Principles of written communication. Decks: storylining, storyboarding, data visualization.
Class 6. Foundations of Excel Modeling and Data Analytics
Foundations of modeling: sheet structure, model planning, and more. Basics of Excel: pivots, vlookup / index-match, data cleaning. Basics of regressions. Correlation vs causation and other fallacies of data analysis. Experiments. What to do if you don't know what to do. Data visualization as a step in data analysis. Rubber duck method.
Class 7. Managing Clients and Coworkers
Roles in a consulting team. Negotiations: packaging, starting points, importance of conceding. Building relationships. Focusing on the other person. Nine techniques for influencing. Arrogance and attitude.
Class 8. Managing Yourself and Your Career. Recap
Exceeding expectations in consulting: How to grow fast and make it last. Managing your lifestyle: How to make your growth sustainable. Key takeaways from the course. Book recommendations.

Meet the author of Consulting Toolkit

Victor Rogulenko
Victor Rogulenko spent 3 years at McKinsey in the European Private Equity Practice, completing over 20 projects in 10 countries.

Victor founded Fless in 2016 and has helped thousands of people build skills for careers in McKinsey, BCG, Bain, Facebook, Google, Yandex, TikTok, and many other Fortune 500 companies as well as startups.

The Consulting Toolkit course is a collaboration between Victor and two of his former colleagues and fellow applicants, currently MBB partners who are also passionate about education.

The team distilled their early consulting experience, mistakes, and lessons learned into this hands-on course, explaining in every detail the things they wished they had known in their first year in consulting.
What you pay and what you get
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  • Class 1. Principles of business value creation. Total shareholder return and its calculation. The ROIC tree and growth table. What matters most in different companies by type
  • 20 interactive practice problems
    with immediate feedback and explanation
  • 7-day access to the course materials
  • Desktop, tablet, and mobile versions of the course
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Full Consulting Toolkit
  • Classes 01-03. Essential knowledge about business
    value creation, industries, and functions
  • Classes 04-06. Tools for business problem-solving, team management, and executive communication
  • Classes 07-08. Career tactics from experienced
    consultants and partners
  • 79 interactive practice problems
    with immediate feedback and explanations
  • Professional community of the course creators and students
  • Lifetime access to the course materials
  • Desktop, tablet, and mobile versions of the course
  • 10% discount on all other Fless courses
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Is the Consulting Toolkit worth it?
What are the true costs of getting promoted to manager or team lead? Or to avoid making a rookie mistake and delaying career advancement or even getting fired? Or to make a powerful professional impression on a C-level executive who may become your next big client?

Closing these gaps and opening these doors are just some short-term gains from investing a little time and money in this course. In the long-term, your steeper career trajectory, superior performance record and overall higher level of career achievement is priceless.
Frequently Asked Questions
Is Consulting Toolkit fully online? What is the schedule?
Yes, the Consulting Toolkit course is 100% online and self-paced. You take classes and do problem sets at your convenience, any time you like. You are welcome to ask questions and engage in discussions in the course chat. The course mentors will respond to your questions within 24 hours.
Does Consulting Toolkit have a time limit?
No, it doesn't. Once you buy the course, you get lifetime access to it.
Where can I ask a course-related question?
Please ask all course-related questions in the course chat. You will get a link to the chat in Class 1. If you have any technical questions that require support, please get in touch with us via Telegram, Whatsapp, or email. The links are in the bottom right corner of the screen.
I'm not planning on becoming a management consultant. Will the Consulting Toolkit be useful for me?
It will, as long as your career involves intellectual problem-solving, team work, and communication with clients or important stakeholders. If you are reading this, then your career fits this description with 95% certainty.
I'm a fresh grad. Will the Consulting Tookit be useful for me?
Definitely! The course will help you develop the right hard and soft skills you need to exceed performance expectations in the first years of your business career
Who are the MBB partners who helped develop the course?
Victor's former colleagues and fellow consulting applicants started their careers in consulting about a decade ago. They have generously donated their time and energy, but Fless can't disclose their names or company affiliations because of non-disclosure agreements they have with their current employers.
I have a different question. Where can I ask it?
Please get in touch with us on Telegram, Whatsapp, or via email. The links are in the bottom right corner of the screen. We look forward to hearing from you and will do our best to answer quickly.
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