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Want a consulting job?
Brace yourself for a test!

When Fless started back in 2016, Victor interviewed over 100 management consulting candidates on their pain points.

Their major complaint was PROBLEMS-SOLVING ASSESSMENTS: sets of quant and verbal exercises most companies use to weed out weak applicants ahead of in-person case interviews.
Problem-solving assessments
are everywhere

Fast forward to 2020, or 60+ study groups later:
Our alumni have successfully passed assessments (and got job offers) from dozens of companies including:
Assessments challenge you
on must-have skills of business analysts
Sometimes these assessments take the form of a computer game (e.g. McKinsey), other times they are a GMAT-like test (e.g. BCG) or a written case (e.g. Bain).

Whatever the form, their common feature is evaluation of certain skills and abilities ESSENTIAL FOR CONSULTANTS AND BUSINESS ANALYSTS.

If you do not have these skills and abilities, you are out of the game.
These skills include:
  • Reading comprehension
    Processing information in the form of written texts, charts, exhibits, tables, and graphics, understanding its meaning, and integrating with previous knowledge
  • Critical thinking
    Defining problems, identifying necessary information, applying math, logic, and analytical tools to solve problems, and synthesizing results
  • Decision-making
    Identifying a decision, assessing alternative resolutions based on critical thinking, and establishing the preferred alternative under various constraints
  • Metacognition
    Planning how to approach a task, choosing appropriate skills and strategies to solve a problem, monitoring one's own comprehension of text, and evaluating progress toward the completion of a task
  • Situational awareness
    Perceiving and comprehending the current situation of a system and projecting its future status
  • Systems thinking
    Understanding how things influence one another within a whole
Can you develop these skills?
Yes, but..
McKinsey claims you cannot prepare for its digital assessment.
The experience of our alumni proves otherwise.

Plus, if this claim were true, you would not be able to grow in a consulting job either: it's too unpredictable and diverse! Yet the famous consulting learning curve does exist and attracts candidates for a good reason.

What is true about digital assessments though is that

There's no point in trying to cheat and learn the correct answers by heart (they do not exist) or have someone teach you a simple bullet-proof 3-step technique (it does not exist either).

You have to actually develop the skill set of reading comprehension, critical thinking, decision-making, metacognition, situational awareness, and systems thinking.

The process of skill development takes SEVERAL MONTHS' worth of EFFORT and EXTENSIVE PRACTICE.
Plus INTELLIGENT GUIDANCE, of course, unless you want to spend years instead of months.

The good news is that people with ALL KINDS OF BACKGROUNDS can develop the necessary skills. Among our alumni who successfully passed the assessments we have economics, mathematicians, software engineers, journalists, lawyers, public sector workers, and soon (hopefully) even national security agents.

The bad news is that EVERYONE HAS TO INVEST THEIR TIME. Depending on the background, some people need more time, some need less. But hardly anyone can ignore skill development altogether.
These is where we are coming
The development of skills for digital assessments is a long journey in the woods.

  • 1
    You'll take the reliable path tested by hundreds of consulting candidates before
  • 2
    You'll get plenty of practice exercises on the different skills
  • 3
    Our mentor team will be there whenever you don't understand something, have doubts, or look for motivation to proceed
  • 4
    Our grading system will keep track of your progress and demonstrate your results
Granted, you'll have to walk the walk - there's no way to avoid the mental effort and time commitment.

But with us you'll FINISH THE TRAIL MUCH FASTER than on your own. The journey will look more like a ride than an uphill struggle.

And you won't get lost in the woods.
What you get:
Interactive Test Simulator with Theory and Immediate Feedback
  • 500 Interactive Tasks
    Problem-solving mastery requires tremendous amount of exercises. With 19 classes and half a thousand exercises,
    you'll get all of it
  • Detailed Solutions
    All of the tasks are tackled in detail in videos and/or text solutions accessible to all levels of prep. You won't get stuck for long
  • Comprehensive Theory
    Practice is useless without a solid theoretical framework.
    Our theory videos will make sure you develop one for yourself
  • Instant Feedback & Progress Tracking
    Our automatic grading system will give you instant feedback on your answers and help you keep track of your progress
  • Chat with Instructors and Community
    Got stuck or in need of a magic push? You are not alone! Chat with instructors and fellow students, ask questions, and join ad-hoc online classrooms
Course Syllabus
What alumni say
What you pay
(Course price)

₽ 22 999 (approx. $299)

What you get
(value you'll get from the Course)
- Interactive Test Simulator (in English)

-- 500 practice tasks with solutions
-- Detailed theoretical framework
-- Task walk-throughs in video and text
-- 20+ explanatory videos
-- Immediate feedback

- Dedicated study group directly with Victor Rogulenko, ex-McKinsey course author, worth $150 per hour
- 10% discount on all other Fless courses, worth $120
- Vibrant alumni discussion group with frequent off-the-record chats with MBB consultants - priceless ;)

Is your consulting career worth the investment?
How much time will you have to work to make up for $306?
Just 2 days!

Let's do the math.

Average MBB consultant starting income (after taxes) is $40K per year
- Based on student reports and personal experience
- Supported by Glassdoor data, after tax adjustments

Junior consultants typically work ~3,230 hours per year
- Average number of work days in a year: 52 weeks * 5 days per week - vacation & public holidays (15 work days) = 245.
- Consultant's work days adjustment: roughly + half a day per week, meaning +10% per year.
- Average consultant's work day: 12 hours.
- Average consultant's work hours in a year 245 * 1.1. * 12 = 3,234.

Resulting hourly income (after taxes) is $40K / 3,230 hours ~ $12.5 per hour.

Hence the investment will pay back in 306 / 12.5 ~ 24 hours ~ 2 work days.

Maximizing it is up to you.

Give it a try right now!
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