Consulting Math
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Course language: Russian

What is the course for?

Prepare for the quantitative part of tests for consulting, FMCG, BIG4 and other major firms
Learn to make calculations of any level of difficulty in order to effectively work with numbers
Show your mental math skills at a case interview or when presenting a case
Prepare for the quantitative section of the GMAT and GRE, required when applying for masters or MBA

What does the course consist of?

  • Theory
    40+ videos, from which you will learn how solve various math problems effectively
  • Practice
    400+ problems similar to those you will encounter in consulting and MBA tests
  • Tutorials
    Every practice lesson is followed by video tutorials from which you will learn how a specific problem can be solved and make mistake corrections
  • Chat in Telegram
    In case of any questions or announcements the course instructor and tech support will be available in the course chat on Telegram

Dmitry Sokolov
Instructor and Mentor
Professional math instructor teaching everything from middle-school math problems to advanced math phd courses. Math PhD student at MSU.

Co-developed the course with Victor Rogulenko based on ultimate management consulting requirements.
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Currently only available in Russian
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This course is currently available only
in the Russian language
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The course was developed specifically for the purposes of consulting preparation. The course complements the PST prep and Verbal GMAT courses (helps increase your calculation speed and improve correctness) and improves mental math necessary for case interview.