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Course language: Russian

Why study math for consulting?

Develop your math skills to the level required for consulting
To solve business problems with the help of math
Show off your skills on a consulting test or interview
What will you get from this course?
+30 hours of video conferencing with the instructor and small group of students
180+ pages of solution schemes, intuitive explanations and effective approaches
400+ original problems, developed by an ex-McKinsey consultant for test and interview prep
Personalised coaching and feedback based on the results
Who is this course for?
"Poets" and liberal arts majors working on their math skills
Future consultants and analysts, preparing for tests and interviews
Business analysts trainging their mental math

Dmitry Sokolov
Instructor and Mentor
Professional math instructor teaching everything from middle-school math problems to advanced math phd courses. Math PhD student at MSU.

Co-developed the course with Victor Rogulenko based on ultimate management consulting requirements.
Alumni feedback
Advantages of the course
Wide range of use
The course will be useful to anyone who works or plans to work with numbers and covers all topics, necessary to pass consulting tests or interviews and more
Personalised approach
We accept maximum 10 people per group. You will be able to ask any questions that trouble you personally and get feedback on strong and weak traits
Our math problems aren't hard, but you need to be fast and accurate. The goal is to reach 100% accuracy by lots and lots of practice
Discover the course structure
Course schedule
Group #15
March 10 - April 27
Course price
RUR 20 000
Equivalent in EUR or USD will be calculated on the day of invoice issuance in accordance with the rate of exchange
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The course was developed specifically for the purposes of consulting preparation. The course complements the PST prep and Verbal GMAT courses (helps increase your calculation speed and improve correctness) and improves mental math necessary for case interview.
What is the language of instruction?
Is this course for university students or for experienced professionals? Who is a typical student?
While there is no reason why a university student would not succeed in this course (and they often do!), most students in this course are experienced professionals. A typical student is a graduate of a Russian university with a major in economics, finance, or a math-related subject and 2-5 years of experience in audit, FMCG, banking, venture capital, or consulting. Exceptions (university students with no experience, unusual work experience, university major not related to math or economics) do occur about 17% of the time
Where do you get your in-class materials from?
We have developed our own problem sets based on consulting tests and challenging business case questions
What does an online class look like?
Watch this video of an online PST session
Can I skip classes?
Preferably not, but a video recording of each lesson will be accessible to each student on Youtube
How do I sign up?
Fill in the application form, and our admissions team will get back to you
Do you have discounts?
Yes, all Fless alumni get a 10% discount
What homework do you assign?
Finishing problem sets from classes (they are long)
Do you ever enroll more than 10 people in a course?
No. No exceptions, ever
Where will materials be?
All materials will be accessible in online data rooms. We will not use printable material for this course
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